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Why Sektor Background

Why Sektor?

Sektor APAC Region

Your Market Maker in the APAC Region

Sektor is a proven market builder, curating innovative growth strategies, a broad but balanced channel mix and technical enablement programs to help our vendors excel in region.

Our channel reach is extensive with more than 2200 partners across APAC, of which 1700 transact regularly with us in Australia. Our vendors trust Sektor to help take new solutions to market, augment channel resources and technical competency, drive new market development and create customer demand through a range of compelling services, coupled with local industry expertise.

Our next-generation digital marketplace initiative is in full flight and will transform the way SaaS vendors take solutions to their channel, protect their NRR and extend their customer lifecycle.

Sektor Channel Partners

Sektor for Channel Partners

Your customers entrust you with securing their people, their IP and their data, which is why Sektor represent the best vendors in the market and recruit top cyber talent, to support our partnerships. We have powerful demand generation programs and experienced sales capability to propagate new opportunities and accelerate our partners’ success.

We have senior-level engagement with many of Australia’s leading organisations, to assist in prospecting your reach and revenue opportunities.

We actively assist our channel with finding net new revenue opportunities, assisting in technical services and delivery, as well as running POC’s to help build compelling business cases for investment. 

Sektor Superpower

Industry is Our Superpower

Sektor is known and respected for its expertise in industry verticals including networking and connectivity, physical cloud-connected security, large retail and payment systems. We are leveraging industry relationships to expand our information and cyber security practice. Through our frequent thought-leadership events, we bring the cyber community together to share expertise, build knowledge, create sustainable and valued relationships and connect our vendors to senior decision makers within prospective customers.

Market Maker
Sektor for Channel Partners
Industry is our superpower
Sektor Experts

Your Local Experts

We’re 100% locally owned and have extensive coverage across Australia and New Zealand with facilities and staff in every State.

Your local experts
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