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The Team

Who We Are

At Sektor Cyber, we have a team of experts who specialize in understanding the ever-evolving world of cyber threats. We are committed to keeping our clients' digital infrastructure safe and secure, and that starts with our team.

David Long

General Manager - Cyber Security

David is passionate about the information security sector, fostering collaboration and cultivating strong team dynamics across the business. In the work environment, David believes in success through both technological innovation and the power of human connections. Beyond the office, he enjoys moments with his wife and children, finding joy in outdoor family adventures.  

Kate Dill-Russell

Vendor Manager

Kate enjoys the fast pace and excitement of working in the technology distribution industry. And as Sektor is a top player in the industry, she says we were a natural choice when she was looking for a new challenge.

Matt Geluk-Rowe

Head of Partnerships

Matt thrives on the dynamic conversations that the distribution industry facilitates, bridging the gap between vendors and partners. At work, Matt embodies Sektor’s commitment to both people and progress equally.

Yash Dole

Sales Engineer

Communication, collaboration and trust are all important to Yash, and he says he’s found all those attributes in his team. When still a student, Yash won the top student award in his faculty from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in 2012 and again in 2013.

Bronwyn Douglas

Inside Sales Manager

Bronwyn aims to bring integrity, honesty, and hard work to the role. Her interests include playing tennis, travelling, and cooking, and spending time with her two children - who she regards as her greatest achievements.

Vernon Ager

Silverfort Sales Manager

Vernon plays a key role in driving SilverFort's ongoing success in Australia, with a focus on both new sales and renewals. He takes pride in cultivating strong relationships with colleagues and customers alike. Outside of work, Vernon enjoys sightseeing and unwinding with video games with friends.

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