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Safely enabling your data’s potential

DataMasque makes it safe to explore, implement and harness the opportunities that data provides, free from privacy concerns or compromise.

They also want to give organisations all over the world tools to protect the privacy of their users and communities. That’s why they challenge the status quo and champion the commitment of organisations that wish to achieve true data privacy.

Why DataMasque

DataMasque maintains the value of production data for testing, development and training without compromising data security.

Datamasque Empower Tile

Empower Data

By removing the sensitivity of the data but retaining the utility and the fidelity, you can truly leverage your datasets to accelerate your business.

Datamasque Data Tile


If the data is dynamically masked or encrypted, it means your sensitive data can be unlocked to its original state.

Datamasque Proactive

Proactive Schema Alerting

The only constant is change which is why DataMasque developed a proactive sensitive data alert. 

Datamasque Automation

API-First Automation

DataMasque has been designed with modern enterprise environments in mind. 

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