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Uniting Leading Vendors and Top Cyber Talent for Uncompromised Protection

Your customers rely on you to safeguard their people, intellectual property, and data. That's why Sektor partners with leading vendors and recruits top-tier cyber talent to fortify your business. With robust demand generation initiatives and seasoned sales expertise, we drive new avenues for growth, propelling our partners towards success.


Creating Channel Magic in the APAC Region

Sektor is a proven market builder, curating innovative growth strategies, maintaining a broad yet balanced channel mix, and offering technical enablement programs to help our vendors excel in the region.

Our channel reach is extensive, with more than 2,200 partners across APAC, of which 1,700 regularly transact with us in Australia. Our vendors trust Sektor to assist in launching new solutions, enhancing channel resources and technical competency, driving new market development, and creating customer demand through a range of compelling services, combined with local industry expertise.

Our next-generation digital marketplace initiative is in full swing and will revolutionise the way SaaS vendors bring solutions to their channel, protect their NRR, and extend their customer lifecycle.

Sektor for Channel Partners

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Sektor supports our channel partners with top vendors, expert cyber talent, and impactful demand generation, driving success and accelerating growth.

Your local experts

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We are 100% locally owned and have extensive coverage across Australia and New Zealand, with facilities and staff in every state.

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Industry is our superpower

Our industry expertise spans networking, security, and retail, with a specific focus on expanding our cybersecurity practice through relationships and thought leadership events.

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Cyber Security Services

Sektor provides a comprehensive range of channel services, including warehousing, logistics, stock management, solution design, staging, and advisory.

Our Cybersecurity Vendors

The security landscape is highly dynamic and, at times, complex. Sektor is comprised of experts in cyber IP with the competency and experience needed. We are developing a comprehensive and complementary ecosystem of vendors covering all cybersecurity domains.


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